The Program

Ice Availability
The Princeton Posse have virtually unlimited access to ice.  The arena, which is just a step outside the Posse dressing room and facilities, is available at almost any time throughout the day and most of the time throughout the nights.  The Posse practice everyday, with the exception of certain given days off, in which the ice is still available to use as an option.  The Posse also block time away during evenings for defenseman specific ice, power skating, skill specific ice, special teams and overall individual ice.  As a member of the Posse your ice availability is greater than any other junior B program and most junior A programs.

Staff Availability
Many programs can only afford a part time coach or staff.  Because of the overwhelming community support we are proud to employ a staff that is committed to providing you with the best possible experience.  Whether it is for individual on-ice assistance, off ice assistance, college preparation, to review individual shifts on video and much more.  You will find our staff ready to go above and beyond to match what you are willing to put into the program.

The League

The Princeton Posse play in the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League (KIJHL).  The KIJHL is not just an average junior B league.  The KIJHL provides players the opportunity to continue their playing career that many do not get in other leagues.  The KIJHL develops more players for the BCHL than any other league in any other level or age bracket.  Players including Shea Weber, Chuck Kobasew and many more used the KIJHL as a stepping stone to the NHL.  In addition, many players go on from the KIJHL to the many collegiate hockey leagues in the United States and Canada.

The Division
The Okanagan-Okanagan division is the most scouted division in the KIJHL and is where we play the vast majority of our games.


For players that come to the Posse still attending school, the Posse staff have a working relationship with the Princeton Secondary School.  The coaching staff work with Posse Director and School District

Representative Kirk McConnell to ensure that the school schedule integrates with the game and practice schedule.  Students are required to sign a release of their grades.  They are expected and afforded the opportunity to, at minimum, maintain the marks they had coming into PSS.  Upgrade opportunities are also available.



Follow the link to the section touring our facilities, which are also the best in the league…see for yourself – click here!